0.1% World (2022)

0.1% World (2022)

Other name: I Want to Go to Your World I Really Want to Go to Your World and Love You Hao Xiang Qu Ni De Shijie Hao Xiang Qu Ni De Shi Jie Ai Ni Dang Ai Yi Cheng Wangshi Zhi Wo Shi Zhen De Ai Ni 好想去你的世界爱你 当爱已成往事之我是真的爱你 當愛已成往事之我是真的愛你


Tells the love story between men and women in different places who perceive each other’s emotions and perceptions and communicate. Because of an accident, assistant architect An Yi and piano tuner Gao Ang become connected through brain waves. Since then, the lives of the two become linked and gradually become the most “understanding” of each other.



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