Home Coming (2022)

Home Coming (2022)

Other name: 万里归途 翻译官 翻译官电影版 Wan Li Gui Tu Fan Yi Guan Fan Yi Guan Dian Ying Ban


War broke out in Numia, North Africa. Zong Da Wei a former resident diplomat, and Cheng Lang a newcomer in the Information Department, were ordered to assist in the evacuation of overseas Chinese. The mission ended successfully, but they soon leanr that there were still a group of trapped compatriots who were heading to the border evacuation point under the leadership of Bai Hua. In desperation, the two gave up the opportunity to go home and enters the war zone retrograde.

Director: Director: Rao Xiao Zhi [饶晓志]


Status: Completed

Release Year:


Stars: Starring: , , , , , ,

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