Sword Drawn (2022)

Sword Drawn (2022)

Other name: The Legend of Shushan: Ten Thousand Swords Return to the Zong


The story tells the story of the mysterious killer organization Seven Killing Sect. In recent years, under the leadership of the suzerain Baili thorns, they have been killing all the way in the rivers and lakes, and gradually become a well-known sect. The killer sword among them has made people in the rivers and lakes terrified. Everyone doesn’t know that the innocent killer sword is just doing these killings to repay the kindness of the sect master Baili thorns. After many years, he has always wanted to leave the sect and live an ordinary and simple life. The lover plotted, lost his arm, and became a thorn in the side of a hundred thorns. On the way to escape, thanks to the rescue of the Xu family, during the recovery process of the Xu family, he was gradually moved by the warm life of the Xu family and decided to change his name to Jian Twelve to live anew. After the thorns found the trail, they sent a large number of killers to hunt them down. With the help of the second elders of the Xu family, Sword Twelve mastered the stunt of Shushan – the story of Wanjian returning to his ancestors and a showdown with Baili thorns.



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