The Assassination Of Nie Yinniang (2021)

The Assassination Of Nie Yinniang (2021)

Other name: Nie Yin Niang Zhi Jue Ming Ci Sha Nie Yinniang


After the An-Shi Rebellion was pacified, An-Shi’s remnants formed the Feiyi Gang, which secretly wandered between the vassal towns, uniting vertically and horizontally, in an attempt to incite the commanders to raise troops in Hebei and profit from it. In order to eradicate the Feiyi thieves, the imperial court ordered the swordsman Pei Mingong to recruit some swordsmen from the rivers and lakes and set up Changshuimen. In the twelfth year of Zhenyuan, the Feiyi Gang and Changshuimen each got confused under Wei Bobu, and the two sides started a thrilling battle of life and death.



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