Toshimaen: Haunted Park (2019)

Toshimaen: Haunted Park (2019)

Other name: Eiga Toshimaen


When Saki (Rie Kitahara) was a high school student, she often went to Toshimaen Amusement Park with her friends. Now, Saki is a university student. She decides to visit Toshimaen Amusement Park again with her high school friends. There is a rumor called the Toshimaen’s Curse. The rumor is about an old house at the amusement park. Saki believes the rumor is a joke and she enters the old house with her friends. Her friends begin to disappear one by one. Saki tries to find her friends and comes upon a terrible secret that created the curse.

Director: Director: Takahashi Hiroshi [高橋浩]


Status: Completed

Release Year:


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