Yanagawa (2022)

Yanagawa (2022)

Other name: 柳川 漫长的告白 漫長的告白 Li Chuan Ma Chang De Gao Bai Long Confession Янагава


Walking out of the Peking University Hospital, a middle-aged man borrows a cigarette from a stranger and says, “The diagnosis came out. It’s cancer. Stage four.” Upon meeting his older brother Li Chun, Li Dong suggests a trip to Yanagawa, where the brother’s first love, Liu Chuan, lives. In Yoko Ono’s hometown of Yanagawa, Liu Chuan works as a bar singer, often singing John Lennon’s “Oh My Love.” On reuniting with Liu Chuan, the brothers approach her in their own ways, as they had 20 years ago.

Director: Director: Zhang Lu [장률]


Status: Completed

Release Year:

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